Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feral Antagonist

I am starting this blog as a motivation to make time to draw more and show my train of thought in terms of design.

This was a concept proposed to my good friend, and art director Cory Allemeier at Monolith. The considerations were for a feral child character that snorted a drug called muscle to accelerate its actions.

The consistant use of muscle at such a young age would cause the following physical abnormalities:

  • Child-like under developed skull.
  • Visible separations in the cranium like a baby
  • Sunken, hollow eyes
  • Under developed nose from snorting Muscle
  • Under developed baby teeth because Muscle stunts growth in calcium-permanent teeth. This makes the baby teeth stay in the mouth too long and rot, causing under developed jaw line
  • Baby hair grows in patches, just like newborn hair. Follicle growth has been stunted too.
  • Protruding spinal column

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